Cigar smoking at night in the Jeep in a raccoon fur coat

Last week I relaxed with a good cigar in the back of my Jeep that a fan bought. After fidgeting for a while, I finally got relaxed and seduced… and turned into a diabolical Greedy Fur Goddess as I became more imbibed by the awesome cigar that I was smoking!

I ashed the cigar on the headrest next to me. Who cares about the upholstery? It burned all the way through.

Finally, I lit up a cigarette on the long cigarette holder, and smoked 2 more in quick succession in my slender fingers. I ashed all 3 cigarettes next to the cigar on the seat. This Jeep is totally going to smell of burned upholstery, which is going to be burned to the frame!

Enjoy the free fur fetish and cigar smoking pictures below, and don’t forget to buy this clip on Clips4Sale or join my fur fetish site to experience the whole thing:


Custom Fetish Clip with a Cigar and White Fox Fur

Here are the screenshots from that custom fur and cigar smoking fetish clip that I just shot. I know that it doesn’t have a black backdrop, but I still made lots of evil smoke ūüėÄ I was totally in Cruella DeVille mode with my white fox fur and red satin slip.

This will be posted on my site in about a month, and similar cruel fur goddess clips already have been posted, so go tour my exclusive fur fetish members area.

Fur fetish photos

Here are some sexy fur fetish pics from a recent photo shoot. I love rolling around in furs, modeling furs, and these are all my raccoon fur coats! It is amazing how furs can totally transform and de-stress me!

I posted the full set of 55 pictures in my fur fetish members area here. You can also find all my other sexy and sensual fur pics and clips there too.

How many raccoon fur coats can you spot?

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Sexy white fox fur coat in the kitchen

There’s something so erotic about the kitchen… shooting against the flat grey background was nice, but the kitchen was just more interesting. I sat on the counter and started showing off and teasing my photographer friend with my furs and stockings and piquant poses (ending with some classic pinup poses).

Here are my favorite pics:

White Fox Fur Coat and Lingerie

Here’s the second part of my lingerie and furs shoot earlier this week. It was SO fun getting to pose sexy in stockings, bustier, and one of my favorite fox fur coats, and know that my friend was taking such classy, sensual, images. I feel SO sexy in furs!¬†