Modeling more fur coats (& I think I jinxed myself in that last post)!

Here are some pictures of me modeling my other full length raccoon fur coat; as you can tell, the color is more subtlety shaded. During this session, I also wore one of my mink fur stoles. It’s so fun to dress up! Under the coat, I was wearing stockings and garters.

Kinda pointless, because I have no ambition of promoting myself as a serious model, and my friend has no ambition of promoting herself as a serious photographer. I told her that I was going to post these pics on my fur fetish site… but better than keeping up a pretense! She totally understood that I can’t post these pics on my mainstream profiles because, unfortunately, people would think that my IQ decreased by atleast 30 points if they saw these kinds of sexy pictures of me.

Speaking of work, just when I wrote that work had slowed down, I totally landed a new project. Or two. Or three. Dressing and acting like a total goof made the guy explain the project to me like an idiot, and then I spit back high level tech jargon back at him, solved a major issue in 5 minutes, and accidentally landed more work than he’d originally approached me about!

I am seriously trying to get on the MyFreeCams site for about an hour or two a day, if only to exercise by dancing my ass off. I think that I had some awesome “beginners luck” the first day, which was SO great because it totally paid for the new webcam… so, after my third day, it’s still fun but not as profitable. I really like the interaction, the freedom of expression that MFC allows (linking to my site, my twitter, etc.), and the chance to make money… so I can see how the site could be addictive (and two slow days out of 3 aren’t going to dissuade me, especially if I think of it as “exercise”).  Maybe I should put the webcam on when I make my next new fur fetish clip; as one of the most awkward things about making fetish clips is that, alone, it feels silly talking and flirting with the camera.

I did not mean to turn this into a ramble (and I haven’t even had wine this evening)!

Without further ado, my latest fur coat modeling pics below:

Modeling Fur Coats – A Full Length Raccoon Fur Coat and a Patchwork Rabbit Fur Coat

Rules are made to be broken. Nick and I had agreed that, getting back into my fur fetish, that he wouldn’t shoot me anymore since he just doesn’t “get” the fur fetish (or any fetish really)… Today, he saw me shooting myself in my new patchwork rabbit fur coat and full length raccoon fur coat, and just had to help. As you can tell from the stocking tops, they’re authentic vintage.

We went about shooting with a playful attitude and no expectations or “bigger vision”, and I’m quite happy with the pictures we got.

We also kept a video camera rolling the whole time, though it got the messy kitchen in the background a little – it’ll be posted if I can make anything halfway usable out of it.

The guys who gave me the furs got all the pictures of me wearing their furs emailed in high resolution… you can see those pics here in my clips4sale member area.

Modeling a fox fur cape, mink beret, and pearls

I was getting ready to slowly tease out of this bright orange dress, red fox fur cloak, and mink beret…  but just as I was about to get to the part about how I fell in love with this red fox fur and thought it would go perfectly with my new pearls (and got into a bidding war with someone else online, narrowly won this)… my boyfriend came home with one of his employees in tow… so today was just full of interruptions! We could not continue to make a sexy clip with my boyfriend’s employee asking us about the fashion shoot he thought we were doing! Atleast I was still fully clothed… but ofcourse, then we felt obliged to go shoot in the studio proper.

Also, atleast we’d shot a very HOT clip earlier in the day while we had the place to ourselves- my friend wanted to shoot one last clip of me in this sexy little outfit, and I think was enjoying being a camera woman as much as a model.

Here are my favorite pics of me in the red fox fur cloak, mink beret, and pearl necklace:

PS: The pearls are real, a gift from a guy I went out with once (we met off a dating site, he had lied about his age by about 20 years, and thought a strand of pearls would make up for his deception. I kept the pearls and didn’t see him again). I don’t like fake things, fake pearls, fake furs, or fake people.

Burning a fur coat pics

Added the pics that my friend shot of me, while I put cigarette and cigar burns in an old opossum fur coat. These unique fur burning photos just turned out fascinating!

I was alternating between smoking a cigar and smoking cigarettes, ashing and burning the old fur coat with the cigarettes and cigar, and burning the coat with matches.

Members get to see all the pics from this cool experience, and also the 30 minute long fur burning clip I made (and ofcourse, all my other fur fetish photos and videos).

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burning fur with fire fetish clips


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unique fur coat burning pics



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Candid cell phone pics from April

What a wonderful month! I posted a very long fur fetish clip last week, and been really busy since… so decided to post a quick update with cell phone selfies from the past month (and last part of March).

As I posted on my FaceBook page, my latest fur is a real cheetah scarf or stole. I also got a new strand of minks and some rabbit furs this month. I need to update my list of furs bad. 🙂

April started out moody but is ending as really awesome. Last week I was so busy that I forgot to post about my new realistic, squirting, dildo. Yesterday I tried it in a camshow, and cannot get my mouth around it, so I need a new, thinner, stunt cock dildo to show off my oral skills and practice deep throating with  (my boyfriend doesn’t let me practice often enough 🙁 )


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fur fetish pics from april fox fur selfie superwoman in fur coat real cheetah fur fur fetish model


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