Fuck Spring Allergies (and other things)

Seriously. Just fuck Spring allergies. It started a few weeks ago with food poisoning, which I haven’t had in years. The first day that I was feeling halfway human, I went out for one cocktail with friends. I had the special new kind. I’ve always been a little allergic to tequila, but not bad enough to prevent consuming an occasional margarita… but¬†apparently, this exotic kind of tequila-like liquor disagreed with my skin. I woke up the next morning itching my lips and looking like I got bad injections. My face was red and raw and when I posted on my personal facebook, laughing at how swollen my face and lips were, a nurse friend was concerned and told me that I should have gone to urgent care…. and I am a terrible patient!

Last weekend, I was feeling OK, so I didn’t say “no” and went to a friend’s lakeside cabin… and every mosquito within a square mile must have bit me where I missed putting on bugspray, and I got chiggers under my bikini, a mysterious bumpy rash on my left knee, and sick from the heat. I am NOT an outdoors person, although every once in a while try to brave it. Really, the beach or a cultured hiking trail is the extent of my interest and tolerance for the “great outdoors”.

I am really craving a good cigar, but I want my throat to not feel raw from sinus drainage or allergic reaction for more than 5 days before I subject my body to the abuse of smoking.

So, whatever. Allergy season this Spring is bad enough anyway. Someone probably needs to lock me in my house so that I fully recover ūüėõ

I finally have officially quit updating KaitlinK as a paysite, and have put up a simple 1 page “landing” site on the domain, with a link to the members area (that is not being updated anymore). All my non-furfetish clips and pics are now in the members area of FurPassion as bonus content.

I am so behind on making custom fetish clips that it’s overwhelming…. and I have 30 or more fur fetish clips to schedule for my members, including a few really hot camshows from 2012 that I discovered on an old hard drive.

I am dealing with a client from hell in my mainstream freelance work, and that alone has convinced me to look for a full time job. I am very burned out with mainstream work, and I can’t tell you guys how much I hate most of my clients. They beg and beg for cheap prices, and yet upset when additional time costs them additional money. It’s like going into a nice restaurant,¬†ordering¬†the cheapest entree on the menu but made “special” (skip the onions, put cheese on it, no gluten), wanting to taste 4 wines before choosing the cheapest one, hassling the waiter every 5 minutes for a straw or more ketchup¬†or another napkin (etc.), and then complaining that dessert wasn’t thrown in for free because you’re such an awesome person.

I really wish that this fetish stuff paid off better, but the things I like most, furs and cigars, have tiny fan bases, and I really don’t want to do any other more profitable fetishes. I really like being so niche and relatively unpopular, because I really don’t want the drama and assholes that inevitably¬†come with more exposure (I’ve gotten some in my mainstream life- it’s hell). I like this being my secret alter-ego and fantasy headspace, which guys who are lucky enough to discover me get to share. I wish my mainstream clients could be more like 99% of my fetish fans ūüôā

Anyway, that is about all that is new.

Waiting for these chigger bites to fade and this last bit of scratchy allergy-throat to clear up… and then I’ll sit on the back porch, in a sun dress and light rabbit fur coat, and enjoy a good cigar as soon as possible!

Merging KaitlinK.com into FurPassion (and I rebranded with a new logo)

I am VERY excited to announce that I will be merging my general-fetish site KaitlinK.com with my fur fetish members area on new.FurPassion.com¬†. I also designed myself a new logo and re-themed with crisp, white, background. I hope you enjoy the new layout – it is bigger, bolder, and I think easier to find all my sexy sensual passionately produced fur fetish clips… I love the colors purple and gold as accents, and I am very proud of my logo design since graphic design¬†is seldom¬†something that I¬†am inspired to do.

A few years ago, I had started KaitlinK.com as a place to put non-fur fetish clips, like cranking, revving, pedal pumping fetish, balloon fetish, etcetera… and I posted quite alot of my recorded camshows and cigar smoking sessions where I wasn’t wearing fur or where fur wasn’t the main focus…

I tend to be somewhat scattered amongst various projects on a good day, but having two paysites totally added to my inability to focus! 

Pictures and videos without furs in them will be tagged as “bonus, and any non-fur content¬†from now on will be posted in addition to your regularly scheduled fur fetish pics and clips. Old photos and videos without furs, I’m also tagging as KaitlinK. I found a few fur fetish clips that for some reason weren’t on FurPassion, so I’ve scheduled those to post, mainly on Fridays for Fur Fetish Friday and Flash-back Friday.

I will be keeping both Twitter accounts, with @FurPassion as exclusively fur fetish and @FetishKaitlin being more my day-to-day life and random thoughts.

I will also be keeping both Clips4Sale stores:

By merging KaitlinK.com with this site, I just won’t have 2 paysites to update regularly. KaitlinK.com was great when I was doing more vanilla webcamming and exploring other fetishes, but although more of my custom fetish clips are NOT fur fetish… alone and left to my own devices and pleasures, I just don’t make ANY clips that don’t involve me at least wearing furs.

After everything transitions, I’ll put a list of my popular “bonus content” categories (like revving and balloons), on the home page of KaitlinK.com,¬†linked to the specific tags on this site, so that it’s super easy to find.

I am back dating¬†the old “bonus content” from KaitlinK (so look on the last pages of my videos), and I hope that this helps keep it separate and non-intrusive to your fur fetish fun ūüėČ

No plans to change the pricing, so now my special fans of new.FurPassion.com get even more sexy pics and hours of exclusive passionately produced video!

Returning to fur fetish blogging

Sometimes I check my stats, and think “why did I stop blogging about my fur fetish”? Writing is a habit, more than anything. 2015 was a personal roller coaster for me and I blogged less than I ever have. I’ve gotten back into the habit of blogging with my mainstream stuff, so going to slip updating my fur blog¬†site into my current routine ūüôā

This will hopefully allow me to share, more in depth, about some updates, new fur fetish clips, and more!

Totally re-doing and making a new theme has helped motivate me to blog even more. I’ve decided to start more boldly offering my adult webdesign services as KaitlinK, because I get so sick of seeing poorly made¬†adult WordPress websites! ¬†Read more about my adult webdesign and other professional services on my general fetish site:¬†http://fetishkaitlin.com/#webdesign¬†

I’ll be¬†cross posting slightly modified versons of my blog entries here to my fur fetish paysite blog¬†http://new.furpassion.com/blog¬†– but my thoughts on here, this awesome WordPress installation, are the least censored and most original.

Stay tuned for more fur fetish fun (and check out all my new fur fetish clips and pics on new.furpassion.com)!



Modeling more fur coats (& I think I jinxed myself in that last post)!

Here are some pictures of me modeling my other full length raccoon fur coat; as you can tell, the color is more¬†subtlety¬†shaded. During this session, I also wore one of my mink fur stoles. It’s so fun to dress up! Under the coat, I was wearing stockings and garters.

Kinda pointless, because I have no ambition of promoting myself as a serious model, and my friend has no ambition of promoting herself as a serious photographer. I told her that I was going to post these pics on my fur fetish site… but better than keeping up a pretense! She totally understood that I can’t post these pics on my mainstream profiles because, unfortunately, people would think that my IQ decreased by atleast 30 points if they saw these kinds of sexy pictures of me.

Speaking of work, just when I wrote that work had slowed down, I totally landed a new project. Or two. Or three. Dressing and acting like a total goof made the guy explain the project to me like an idiot, and then I spit back high level tech jargon back at him, solved a major issue in 5 minutes, and accidentally landed more work than he’d originally approached me about!

I am seriously trying to get on the MyFreeCams site for about an hour or two a day, if only to exercise by dancing my ass off. I think that I had some awesome “beginners luck” the first day, which was SO great because it totally paid for the new webcam… so, after my third day, it’s still fun but not as profitable. I really like the interaction, the freedom of expression that MFC allows (linking to my site, my twitter, etc.), and the chance to make money… so I can see how the site could be addictive (and two slow days out of 3 aren’t going to dissuade me, especially if I think of it as “exercise”). ¬†Maybe I should put the webcam on when I make my next new fur fetish clip; as one of the most awkward things about making fetish clips is that, alone, it feels silly talking and flirting with the camera.

I did not mean to turn this into a ramble (and I haven’t even had wine this evening)!

Without further ado, my latest fur coat modeling pics below:

My high definition PTZ webcam came in!

My webcam came in, and I’ve had¬†alot of fun playing with it. It’s MUCH easier to make clips with than my SLR and camcorder are, because it’s remote control pan-tilt-zoom and autofocuses alot easier. I am learning that “top of the line” depends on what the use is– this high def webcam definitely gets better audio than the camcorder and autofocuses easier than my SLR or camcorder.

I couldn’t help but test it out on MyFreeCams.com¬†— what a fun place yesterday when I got on the first time! When I got on today, I had a bunch of rude wankers in my room and nobody wanted to tip or even flirt ūüôĀ … but webcamming is fun to occasionally dabble in, and I really love that Myfreecams allows me to link back to this blog and more freely express myself than other webcam sites. I am not sure which model I prefer and what works best for me: the “free” unstructured chat model of MyFreeCams, or the “buy x amt of time for $x” of MyGirlFund (and waiting), or the “traditional” model of very restricted free-to-private like iFriends. I haven’t tried MyGirlFund¬†since Friday when my new webcam came in the mail — I should put it on my “to do” list this week since it looks like I’ll have some time!

Speaking of sites… Let me digress and write a review or update.

Believe it or not, more than one person has emailed me and suggested that I get on SouthernCharms.com … did you know they require exclusive content and for a certain percentage of it to be nude? Not my cup of tea, because my pictures tend to be non-nude glamour, and I like to have 100% control over my content (and for it to be nonexclusive, so I can post it anywhere). If I was going to work with a site like that, I’d rather be getting paid up front as a model than have the “chance” to make 50% of what “my site” brings in.

In other news, “mainstream” work has slowed down, but that’s not bad!… I’m kind of glad to have time to get back into this again! Trying to find the perfect physical space so that I can get on webcam semi-regularly (I really cannot wait until my fur closet is finished being constructed – I will probably broadcast that space, with all my furs and sexy clothes behind me)…. it was such an emotional high that first time when I had such a cool group of fun guys to tease and flirt with, it really brought out my “secret” “inner” burlesque performer!

Stupid sexy things I do when drunk

Yesterday I had my friend Candy over, since she wanted to shoot some new sexy pics and clips with me. We bought a bottle of wine and got online… and started looking at camgirls on MyFreeCams.com …

It was decadent to be sitting in my boyfriend’s office lobby, looking at porn and getting drunk together.

Needless to say, we didn’t shoot new pics, nor new clips. We kept waiting for that hot camgirl to take off her clothes! Seriously! By the time she did take off her clothes, we were into our second bottle of wine and thinking of ways that we could do it better…

Candy had to leave to have dinner with her mom (who kindly picked her up), and that left me with little to do (since it oddly feels weird to watch camgirls alone).¬†I was going to wait to buy one until I sold my old camcorders (getting rid of that old HD camera and using my SLR with the borrowed wide angle lens from now on)… but… I couldn’t help it (I’ve not bought any furs or lingerie in months)… I bought the webcam that I’ve been drooling over:¬†Logitech BCC950 Video Conferencing Camera – 3 Megapixel – USB 2.0 – 1920 x 1080 Video – Auto-focus – Widescreen – Microphone

… which ofcourse means that I will have to “work” it off ūüėČ

Seriously, I am intrigued by the idea of myfreecams.com … I could just go on there in a fur coat and tease (which you know I love to do)…