Custom fetish clips are different from clip ideas and suggestions. I’m always open to suggestions and ideas, and will make fetish clips incorporating your ideas whenever I get around to it. If you have some fetish script and scenario that you’re absolutely dying to see, then it’s best to ask for a custom fetish clip.

Gifts do not count as payment for custom fetish clips. I truly love and appreciate gifts, but they do not count as payment for custom clips nor towards membership to my site.

Basic Custom Fetish Clip Rates

Standard Custom Fetish Clip Rates (ONLY if paid with Zombaio):

* Rates may be slightly higher, or amount of time less, if paid thru services that take a larger cut.

Cigar smoking custom clips:

Good cigars can take over an hour to smoke, and even smaller and shorter ones can take at least 30 minutes. Here’s how I prefer to do custom cigar smoking clips:

  1. You order the time that you want me to be doing the specific think you’re looking for (masturbation with a cigar, domination, mesmerize, nose-exhales, etcetera).
  2. Add the cost of the cigar + shipping, or inquire about sending me one of your preference. My favorite kind of cigars cost between $7 and $25 (see links below).
  3. I will do YOUR 10, 20, or 40 minutes of custom fetish smoking with words/actions that fit your fantasy AND I’ll send you whatever I do with the cigar afterwards. You will get to see me smoking the WHOLE cigar, regardless of if you buy a 10 minute custom, 20, or 40 minute custom smoking clip.
  4. If you just want to watch me smoke a cigar, probably outside and totally clothed, enjoying myself the way I want, then I only ask for $25+ the cigar to compensate me for the time spent editing and uploading the clip to you.

My favorite cigars:

For more complicated scenarios, using special props, special locations, or for exclusivity of more than 1 month, please contact me for a price quote.

Extra charges incurred for:

  • clips involving special supplies (i.e., a cake)
  • clips needing other people to help set up
  • complicated and complex scripts/extremely detailed requests
  • custom clips involving wear and tear on my belongings (rough on furs clips)
  • revving clips
  • fake stuck clips
  • me traveling outside of my home and studio
  • clips with my boyfriend or a girlfriend recording me
  • Clips with other models cost minimally double + 20% of the base rates listed above.

I do not do boy/girl porn, anything illegal, or anal.

Custom fetish clip policy and turnaround time:

All custom fetish clips are copyrighted to me, and will have my usual watermark on them. They are for private use only and you do not have permission to redistribute them or post them elsewhere. Redistribution rights can be purchased additionally.

Unless we agree otherwise, I will not post the custom fetish clips that I make for you, for at least 2 weeks; After that, I reserve the right to post them in my clips4sale store, members area, or anywhere else that I see fit. Exclusivity of longer than 30 days can be purchased additionally. You do not have permission to redistribute them or post them elsewhere.

My turn-around time is approximately a week – or 5 business days. If it will take me longer than 2 weeks, I will let you know or refuse payment until I have time, or give you an extra week or 2 membership… you will be happy!

Payment: I’m totally cool with using an adult escrow such as ExtraLunchMoney, IWantCustomClips, or Customs4U, at additional charge to account for the percentage those companies keep. For custom clips costing $100 or less, I require payment up front. Otherwise: I require 50% payment up front, and the remainder 50% before sending you the private download link. The 50% deposit is non-refundable, although for self-shot solo customs, I can transfer it to membership to this site or pre-made clips, should you change your mind at any time before I actually edit the clip. The 50% payment is NOT transferrable if the clip involves me paying a friend to shoot me or paying a friend to be in the custom clip.

I don’t accept all requests for custom clips, and if the experience is not a good one for me, I will not make you custom fetish clips in the future.

I prefer to take custom clip orders through this site (I get approximately 90% if you pay via Zombaio), IWantCustomClips (I get 75-80%), and Customs4U (I get about 70%). I am verified on ExtraLunchMoney and MyGirlFund, but both those sites only give me about 60%.

Members of my fur fetish site can pay me here or through my site (as a tip), for my lowest rates listed on this page.