This is an exceptional fetish clip about chastity, smoking, financial domination, Goddess worship, humiliation, and of course, my fur fetish. After I strip teased in that last clip, I switched totally Dominant and diabolical.

I am starting a new ecig here and smoking in a raccoon fur coat. It’s so good! I blow smoke out it seductively and Greta wants me to teach her how to do it. It smells like vanilla, because it’s vanilla flavored.

I am really hot in this big fluffy raccoon fur coat. I’ll take it off after I have a few more drags of my delicious cigarette. I blow smoke into the camera a few times and laugh diabolically.

You’d like me to be blowing into your face! I suddenly switch dominant. I’d just like to blow smoke in your face as I walk by and ignore you and tease the hell out of you…

This guy that I am imagining teasing, he would be such a good submissive!

I start to unbutton the long fur coat.

You are lucky to be in my presence, and if I was smoking a real cigarette, I would totally ash all over you. You would be my servant. And I would be your cocktease, Mistress, and Goddess. You would spend your whole life serving me… the rest of it anyway.

He would have to be kept in a cage, because I don’t trust any man not to play with his cock while I’m not looking. He’d have to be in chastity. The CBT3000. Greta wants a description, because she’s never heard of it. I tell her what happens if they get aroused. She asks if they ever burst from the guys getting aroused. I don’t care if their cock or the device bursts and causes them pain! It locks with a little lock and I have the key. What if they have to pee? He just does. It’s embarrassing in public restrooms, and other men would laugh and think he’s a pervert or criminal.

He’d be useless and totally under my control. I’d figure out all the buttons that make him aroused, and push those just to torture him.

I’d make him carry my fur coat, which in the summer, I’d wear only indoors with the air conditioning turned way up. He’d have to catch my fur coat when I threw it at him, and he’d carry them in the summer and get really hot. I’d want a choice of furs to wear indoors, so he’d be carrying at least 3. Then he’d help me put them back on in the cool air conditioning of the building. I’d wear furs in summer and have fun!

If he were really naughty, I’d tie fishing wire to the base of his cock and he’d have to keep up with me or the slip knot would tighten and pinch his balls. I’ve actually done this before. The poor pathetic man was aroused and couldn’t keep his erection down so I kept having to yank on it so he’d get a jolt of pain. I walk fast and he’d have to keep up with me.

Back in the Air Conditioning, I’d put my fur back on and he’d get even more aroused. If he didn’t compliment me and tell me that I look hot whenever I needed it, he would get punished and he’d have another day added to his chastity program. We’d keep a calendar on the wall with stars for every day that he was good enough to count towards letting his little cock out of chastity. I want 30 stars in a row before he can come out of his cock cage.

Greta starts laughing.

See how my friends think that is so harmless? My friends would tease him too. He’d turn into a nympho. He’d have to take my friends out to eat, hoping that would make him a good guy so that he’d get the priviledge of getting out  of his cock cage. His job when he wasn’t pleasing me would be to work to earn money for me, and to help me with my businesses to earn money for me. He’d be left with barely enough money to live on.

He’d be a submissive little slut boy and used for only my pleasure.

If he managed to be good for 30 days, he’d be so excited to have his cock out that he’d come in the first few minutes… and you know what would happen then? He’d be locked right back up!

Greta and I laugh diabolically.

I am not going to spend my money while you’re my slave. You need to take me shopping and you will carry my fur coat, and I will reach into your pocket for cash to pay for my purchases.

I know your cock is throbbing and that you are trying your best to save it until I tell you that it’s okay to come.

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Dominant Chastity Fantasies, Smoking in Fur