Seriously. Just fuck Spring allergies. It started a few weeks ago with food poisoning, which I haven’t had in years. The first day that I was feeling halfway human, I went out for one cocktail with friends. I had the special new kind. I’ve always been a little allergic to tequila, but not bad enough to prevent consuming an occasional margarita… but¬†apparently, this exotic kind of tequila-like liquor disagreed with my skin. I woke up the next morning itching my lips and looking like I got bad injections. My face was red and raw and when I posted on my personal facebook, laughing at how swollen my face and lips were, a nurse friend was concerned and told me that I should have gone to urgent care…. and I am a terrible patient!

Last weekend, I was feeling OK, so I didn’t say “no” and went to a friend’s lakeside cabin… and every mosquito within a square mile must have bit me where I missed putting on bugspray, and I got chiggers under my bikini, a mysterious bumpy rash on my left knee, and sick from the heat. I am NOT an outdoors person, although every once in a while try to brave it. Really, the beach or a cultured hiking trail is the extent of my interest and tolerance for the “great outdoors”.

I am really craving a good cigar, but I want my throat to not feel raw from sinus drainage or allergic reaction for more than 5 days before I subject my body to the abuse of smoking.

So, whatever. Allergy season this Spring is bad enough anyway. Someone probably needs to lock me in my house so that I fully recover ūüėõ

I finally have officially quit updating KaitlinK as a paysite, and have put up a simple 1 page “landing” site on the domain, with a link to the members area (that is not being updated anymore). All my non-furfetish clips and pics are now in the members area of FurPassion as bonus content.

I am so behind on making custom fetish clips that it’s overwhelming…. and I have 30 or more fur fetish clips to schedule for my members, including a few really hot camshows from 2012 that I discovered on an old hard drive.

I am dealing with a client from hell in my mainstream freelance work, and that alone has convinced me to look for a full time job. I am very burned out with mainstream work, and I can’t tell you guys how much I hate most of my clients. They beg and beg for cheap prices, and yet upset when additional time costs them additional money. It’s like going into a nice restaurant,¬†ordering¬†the cheapest entree on the menu but made “special” (skip the onions, put cheese on it, no gluten), wanting to taste 4 wines before choosing the cheapest one, hassling the waiter every 5 minutes for a straw or more ketchup¬†or another napkin (etc.), and then complaining that dessert wasn’t thrown in for free because you’re such an awesome person.

I really wish that this fetish stuff paid off better, but the things I like most, furs and cigars, have tiny fan bases, and I really don’t want to do any other more profitable fetishes. I really like being so niche and relatively unpopular, because I really don’t want the drama and assholes that inevitably¬†come with more exposure (I’ve gotten some in my mainstream life- it’s hell). I like this being my secret alter-ego and fantasy headspace, which guys who are lucky enough to discover me get to share. I wish my mainstream clients could be more like 99% of my fetish fans ūüôā

Anyway, that is about all that is new.

Waiting for these chigger bites to fade and this last bit of scratchy allergy-throat to clear up… and then I’ll sit on the back porch, in a sun dress and light rabbit fur coat, and enjoy a good cigar as soon as possible!