I am VERY excited to announce that I will be merging my general-fetish site KaitlinK.com with my fur fetish members area on new.FurPassion.com . I also designed myself a new logo and re-themed with crisp, white, background. I hope you enjoy the new layout – it is bigger, bolder, and I think easier to find all my sexy sensual passionately produced fur fetish clips… I love the colors purple and gold as accents, and I am very proud of my logo design since graphic design is seldom something that I am inspired to do.

A few years ago, I had started KaitlinK.com as a place to put non-fur fetish clips, like cranking, revving, pedal pumping fetish, balloon fetish, etcetera… and I posted quite alot of my recorded camshows and cigar smoking sessions where I wasn’t wearing fur or where fur wasn’t the main focus…

I tend to be somewhat scattered amongst various projects on a good day, but having two paysites totally added to my inability to focus! 

Pictures and videos without furs in them will be tagged as “bonus, and any non-fur content from now on will be posted in addition to your regularly scheduled fur fetish pics and clips. Old photos and videos without furs, I’m also tagging as KaitlinK. I found a few fur fetish clips that for some reason weren’t on FurPassion, so I’ve scheduled those to post, mainly on Fridays for Fur Fetish Friday and Flash-back Friday.

I will be keeping both Twitter accounts, with @FurPassion as exclusively fur fetish and @FetishKaitlin being more my day-to-day life and random thoughts.

I will also be keeping both Clips4Sale stores:

By merging KaitlinK.com with this site, I just won’t have 2 paysites to update regularly. KaitlinK.com was great when I was doing more vanilla webcamming and exploring other fetishes, but although more of my custom fetish clips are NOT fur fetish… alone and left to my own devices and pleasures, I just don’t make ANY clips that don’t involve me at least wearing furs.

After everything transitions, I’ll put a list of my popular “bonus content” categories (like revving and balloons), on the home page of KaitlinK.com, linked to the specific tags on this site, so that it’s super easy to find.

I am back dating the old “bonus content” from KaitlinK (so look on the last pages of my videos), and I hope that this helps keep it separate and non-intrusive to your fur fetish fun 😉

No plans to change the pricing, so now my special fans of new.FurPassion.com get even more sexy pics and hours of exclusive passionately produced video!