Last week I relaxed with a good cigar in the back of my Jeep that a fan bought. After fidgeting for a while, I finally got relaxed and seduced… and turned into a diabolical Greedy Fur Goddess as I became more imbibed by the awesome cigar that I was smoking!

I ashed the cigar on the headrest next to me. Who cares about the upholstery? It burned all the way through.

Finally, I lit up a cigarette on the long cigarette holder, and smoked 2 more in quick succession in my slender fingers. I ashed all 3 cigarettes next to the cigar on the seat. This Jeep is totally going to smell of burned upholstery, which is going to be burned to the frame!

Enjoy the free fur fetish and cigar smoking pictures below, and don’t forget to buy this clip on Clips4Sale or join my fur fetish site to experience the whole thing: