Showing off my furs – new fur fetish pics added!

In this sexy fur fetish pic set, I got topless and nude under my new furs. It was so hot! I started off modeling my new fur bikini, and then I tried on a shaggy white fur, then a new hooded oversized mohair sweater, and then a black rabbit fur coat… I especially love my new luxurious coyote fur coat, and getting naked under it was just decadent! The full length shaggy sheep fur made me feel dominant so I smoked an ecig and posed straighter.

Last week felt like Christmas, and it wasn’t even my birthday, just alot of gifts came in at the same time! I am so thankful – I love packages in the mail ūüôā

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nude under furs

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hooded mohair sweater

Modeling my new hooded mohair sweater – I could be seduced into a sweater fetish!

fur bikini fetish model

I love this fur bikini, it made me feel like a cave woman or Amazon goddess.

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Bed of raccoon furs

One of my good friends shot me in a bed of raccoon furs, wearing an Oriental corset and stockings…. such a seductive romantic boudoir in furs look! I kept my black patent stiletto high heels on. Such a sexy look!

We started off with just half the bed covered in fur coats, but then brought out 3 more raccoon fur coats and totally covered the bed with the furs.

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fur fetish picture update


Pictures in a long lambskin fur coat and raccoon fur coat

I almost forgot to write about this fur fetish¬†members update! Last week I took some sexy pictures of myself in my lambskin fur coat and my raccoon fur coat… and ofcourse, having a fur fetish, I seduced myself…

At some point, I will log into¬†NiteFlirt¬†to talk about my fur fetish fantasies again. I really do better if you ask me and make an appointment – anticipating talking on the phone with someone puts me in the mindset more than just waiting around for rather random calls. I am impatient and I hate waiting! I would forget that my fur fetish phone sex line is turned on, get busy with something technical requiring my 100% attention, and then would be useless for talking on the phone- unless you’d want to talk about CSS or HTML5, or have the 5 – 10 minutes to spend while I mentally transitioned….

I took over 150 sexy new pics of myself. I love costumes, too, so before I finally let myself get seduced with my furs, I modeled a sexy stewardess outfit, a Greek Goddess dress, a flapper costume, and a cheerleader outfit. My general theme was “phone sex fantasies”, with my retro styled cell phone headset. It was a ton of fun, and I really get into my fantasies and modeling for my own camera. The twist on this is, that with my Canon 6D, I do literally control it from my phone with a cell phone app that enables remote control shooting.

Anyway, below are the very best fur fetish pics. I posted all of them, even the candids, in my members area.


218 candids in seal fur and beaver fur added to my members area

I shot these with the burst mode on, and they’re the candids which are just “ok” but that I can’t bear to throw away. I ended up getting quite erotic since wearing fur coats and lingerie turns me on so much! It was so sexy to have the camera automatically shooting so quick and each time I’d hear a “click”, I’d put my hand in a different place or do something sexy.

Added these sexy pics to the fur fetish fans area yesterday evening.


lots of fur fetish pics

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It was very difficult to select the 12 best fur fetish photos of 2012. I’ve had such a fun year and had such lovely, sexy, pics taken of me in my furs! Keep my images with you thru all of 2013. This calendar is tame enough that you won’t be embarrassed if someone else finds it.

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fur fetish 2013 calendar